Keep Close Tabs on Genome Sample for Clinical

Ensure Your Data Quality At the Outset

Although the experimental method of the next-generation sequencing has a significant reduction in the mis-assembled sequence compared with the traditional sequencing method, it is still unavoidable to produce experimental errors under human or machine errors. In order to avoid the false-positive or false-negative analysis results caused by poor sequencing data quality and enhance the credibility of the analysis results, the data quality need to be monitored at the outset.

QCheck is a data quality control tool which will assist the healthcare institution to control the quality of different types of sequencing files, including FASTQ, BAM to VCF files, and properly manage and backup genetic information. The quality criteria are all customizable according to your purposes. Last but not least, you can also share the sample files or QC results through access authority setting or reporting systems.


Provides Different Assessment Perspectives

You might have different data formats and sample quality criteria to meet the medical or research needs. You can set up the criteria including the type of analyzed sample and the evaluation magnitude on QCheck's item management interface. You can also follow-up our default analysis flow, based on the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the New York State Department of Health Department of Health, NYSDOH), if your organization has not established its own quality control pipeline yet.

QC, Backup, Manage Once for All

The file will automatically be backed up to Amazon Web Services (AWS), the world-leading security cloud service system, after the uploading process. You can share the sample files or QC results with your colleagues, clients or patients through access authority setting or reporting systems. Just uploading once, you can do the quality check, files backup and document management here.