High-Efficiency Solution for Analyzing Cancer-Related Mutation

Make Sanger Sequence As Efficient As NGS

Genetic tests for cancer have come a long way since they first entered the clinic in 1995, nowadays, from identify onset condition to monitor treatment response, there are many diagnosis methods and treatments available have been delivered based on the numerous genome association research.

Cancertify is a cloud-based tool for rapidly detecting cancer-related mutation hotspot in sanger sequencing data. The system can automatically retrieve cancer-related reference sequences from the genomic database, highlight variants which are need to be noticed, and provide genomic annotations. This tool can be worked with FFPET or ctDNA detection techniques.


Focus on Actionable Cancer Variants

The treatment of patients with cancer has evolved into a complicated algorithm, requiring patient's variants status to initiating therapy. DNArails integrates the currently available research reports to built our reference database including 16 gene and more than 30 hotspots. Working well-designed genome testing panels or ctDNA detection technique, clinicians can evaluate the risk for hereditary cancer, identify onset condition or monitor treatment response.

Build Your Standard Cancer Genome Testing Pipeline

Cancertify is an intuitive tool for clinicians to build the standard cancer genome sequencing (Sanger-based) analysis. The automatic alignment and interpretation process will immediately start after uploading your ab1 or fasta files and t The analsysis result provides comprehensive annotations and objective judgement for double peaks. The time-saving feature leading to improved diagnostic precision.